Welcome to ECE 4339/4119

Intro to Principles of Solid State Devices and Lab
(or Intro to Microelectronics)

Class Number 16479/16478


Instructor: Prof. Han Le

Spring 2015
Tu, Th: 1:00 - 2:30 pm - Room: D-N61

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Post Date
4/30/2015 Please use the APPs posted below for your final HW. If they don't work in your browser(s), please download as standalone cdf files, which you can run with your Mathematica 9 or 10.
Download here
Download here
Download here
MOSFET_App_3_active channel_3D
For the entire semester
Please do not use Mathematica 10. It is not compatible with materials developed with Mathematica 9. It also runs slower than M 9 version for many apps and may crash. Math 9 is still available. If you already had M10, you can still uninstall it and get M9.